hich character in the Hundred Acre Woods shares your personality? Write down the letters W, P, E, T, K, R, C, B and O. Put a tick mark next to the letter each time you choose an answer that corresponds to it. Then, use the guide at the end of the quiz to find out your "poohsonality".

1. Do you like?
W Honey
P Haycorns
E Thistles
T Extract of Malt


2. On a delightful warm day, you are most likely found:

W strolling along and humming
T bouncing
P planting haycorns
K acting motherly


3. You forget a friend’s birthday — what do you do?

W find a yummy present but eat it along the way
P run home and get a bright red balloon
O get out your pencil and write a birthday message
C throw a birthday party


4. What do you do to keep in shape?

P stoutness exercises
C go hoppity hoppity hop
R jump up and down when scared or happy
T bounce


5. You are a special friend. You are most likely to:

C read to your pal when he’s stuck in a hole
W make a boat from an umbrella to save a friend stuck in a flood
P bravely squeeze through a small space to rescue a friend trapped by a fallen tree
B care for your many friends and relations


6. Everyone has bad days. Yours might consist of:

E losing your tail
T climbing a tree but getting stuck
W running out of snacks
P confronting a heffalump twice your size


7. Your favorite topic of conversation is:

E whether it’s a nice day, which you doubt…
W whether it’s time for a smackerel
B family
O doesn’t matter as long as you can use a long word when a short one would do

Mostly W’s Winnie-the-Pooh
Mostly P’s Piglet
Mostly E’s Eeyore
Mostly T’s Tigger
Mostly K’s Kanga
Mostly R’s Roo
Mostly C’s Christopher Robin
Mostly O’s Owl
Mostly B’s Rabbit

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